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Rabbi Tarfon said: The day is short; the task is great….
He used to say: You are not called
upon to complete the work, yet you are not free to evade it.”
(Avot 2:20)

Our sages of blessed memory instructed us that even if the task is formidable, far beyond our ability to complete, this neither exempts us from the attempt to begin, nor from steadfastly striving, brick by brick, toward the final goal...

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Put differently, that is how our efforts to traverse the first miles of the thousand-mile journey of the Aleppine Jewry heritage had their inception some twenty years ago.
We literally started from scratch. Notwithstanding the size of the Aleppine Jewish community, and its impressive, multifaceted heritage, which impacted on Jewish life worldwide in the past and continues to do so in the present, when we set out the Aleppine Jewish heritage had never been documented, nor had it merited academic study.
Despite limited means, our vision, and our determination to move forward remain undiminished. By pooling the available resources both in Israel and abroad, we were able to establish the World Center for Aleppo
Jews Traditional Culture, at present an institution with an impressive record of achievement. We take great pride in our accomplishments for the Jewish people both in Israel and abroad.
This booklet provides a glimpse of twenty years of achievement, a soupçon of the spirit and flavor of the Aleppine Jewish heritage, as well as of our activity on behalf of Aleppine Jewry. Please judge our  accomplishments for yourselves.
It is our pleasant duty to express our heartfelt gratitude to you, our friends in Israel and abroad, for your financial, material, and moral contribution to the work of the Center. You share in our success and it is to you that we owe our existence and current expansion.We would also like to thank the Israeli Ministry of Education for its cooperation, and for its support of Center activities.
The Aleppo Heritage Center serves the entire Jewish people in its variegated ethnic groups and denominations. We therefore enlist your aid for its continued activity, whether by financial means, or through provision of documents, pictures, and memorabilia, or any other voluntary activity.
We feel privileged to have initiated this historic mission, of such importance to the Jewish people. How fortunate we are not to have journeyed alone. We anticipate your continued support on this never-ending journey.
Once again, we are not called upon to complete the task, but neither are we at liberty to evade it.

Sincerely yours

World Center for Aleppo
Jews Traditional Culture

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The center’s management thanks Mr. Shelomo (Mario) Safdie for his earnest contribution and large scale volunteering to upstart, build and develop this website until completion of the project’s infrastructure. We appreciate and acknowledge his large scale activity for promoting the goals and aims of center’s mission.